Window and Gutter Cleaning

What We Do
Inside and out or outside only- we get them sparkly clean, and we do it without leaving dirty water, muddy footprints, and broken rosebushes behind us.  All the cleaning solutions we use are environmentally friendly. 

They’re overflowing and you don’t want to risk your neck cleaning them out…  and you don’t have to!  We can do it without leaving unsightly gunk on the side of your house or around your yard.   
What We're About
We've been a family-owned Seattle business since 1997.  Our clients' homes range from cozy cottages to mansions overlooking Lake Washington and Puget Sound.

More than anything else, we believe that what goes around comes around, so we strive to provide the best service possible.  To us, this means high quality at a competitive price, using products that are environmentally responsible, and top-notch, friendly service that is 100% guaranteed.   Thanks for considering us!  Dan & Cheryl Filbin
Our service Area
Basically, no East side, and no South/West/downtown Seattle... too much traffic :(
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Satisfaction Window Cleaning LLC
POB 55995, Shoreline, WA  98155